2018 Soybean Weed Control

Starting clean is key to successful weed control in soybeans, regardless of herbicide trait used. For those of you using tillage, make sure that your tillage is aggressive enough to take out any winter/early spring weeds that have taken hold. For no-till, a strong burndown program is essential to starting off right. 

Suggestions for an effective spring burndown for 2018:

  • Marestail is a key weed that must be addressed in soybean burndown programs throughout our area. It is estimated that as much as sixty percent of marestail germinate in the fall, and this fall flush is what often escapes burndown programs. It is essential to focus on marestail in most of our areas.
  • While we tend not to recommend specific herbicide programs, we would note that a full rate of 2,4-D is almost always effective, both in terms of weed control and cost. There are various formulations available. Always follow label directions, which usually includes a two-week wait from application until planting.
  • There are numerous other burndown products available. Call us for further recommendations, or work with your local crop protection representative or supplier.
  • Don’t try to take shortcuts on burndown. Using the full rate is essential to success.
  • A good burndown program will take care of winter annuals and any early germinating weeds, as well as marestail.

The second piece of an effective burndown program is a broad-spectrum residual application at the time of planting. The appropriate herbicide at this time will take care of early germinating waterhemp, spring germinating marestail, and spring/early summer grasses and broadleaves. Do not skip this application and plan on getting good control in-season.

When dealing with waterhemp, the best control is to not let it get established. The residual herbicide at planting must be able to control early flushes of waterhemp as it germinates. It may be necessary to apply another in-season glyphosate or glufosinate (or any other post product) because waterhemp continues to germinate into the summer.

Let us know if you have any questions about your spring burndown and season long soybean herbicide program. We are happy to sit down with you and your local crop protection representative to ensure season-long weed control.   

Terry, Dan, Rod and Denny