Check Your Soil Temperatures

Planting is on the minds of everyone we’ve talked to recently. As you gear up for planting, keep in mind that getting the crop in too early can lead to replant or problems during the growing season. 

Soil temperature

Corn germination and emergence takes approximately five to seven days if planted in soil 50F or warmer, and up to four weeks if planted in soil cooler than 50F. We recommend soil temperatures be at least 50F for two to three consecutive days (when taken in the morning at a depth of 1.5 inches) before planting.

Delayed germination and emergence can result in seed and seedling blights (mostly fungal diseases), seed rots, and chilling injury caused when unusually cold soil temperatures follow slow emergence. These conditions often result in thin stands and difficult replant decisions.

Spring burn down

We’re still seeing winter annuals out in fields and want to reemphasize the importance of a successful spring burn down in no-till fields. Please review the tips from our previous agronomy update to make sure your fields are ready when planting conditions are right. 


For growers in the northern part of our footprint, it’s time to make herbicide applications on wheat. This chart identifies Feeke’s growth stages and herbicide brands to use at various growth stages. Also, remember apply nitrogen to wheat by Feeke’s growth stage 5.


Let us know if you have any questions as you gear up for planting. Let’s get this year’s crop off to a good start!

Terry, Dan, Rod and Denny