Corn and Soybean Scouting Calendars for Insects and Disease

No doubt, it has been a challenging year with everything from frost, hail, floods and tornados. The bright side is that many of us have been through tough springs before and in the end things turned out better than expected. It is important that we keep a sharp eye on our crops. We cannot afford to lose what we do have to weeds, disease or insects.

Below I have included insect and disease scouting calendars for corn and soybeans. Please use these charts as a guide to assist you in keeping on top of possible threats to your crop. If at any time you have questions or concerns please contact us for assistance.








If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Terry Jones, Regional Agronomist @ 419.346.7786 or or

Rod King, Regional Agronomist @ 574.596.6721 or

Scouting calendars from O.S.U. Extension Bulletin 827-05, CORN, SOYBEAN, WHEAT and ALFALFA GUIDE