Don’t Stop Walking Fields

We are in field day season, which means harvest will be here before we know it. Continue to walk your fields to avoid any surprises at harvest. We are happy to walk fields with you to address any “last minute” diseases and/or insect pests.

Disease pressure to watch

Southern rust continues to be a concern in our southern counties. Continue to keep an eye out for this as treatment may be warranted depending on the corn growth stage, severity of the infestation and weather forecast. Common rust continues to be seen across our entire footprint, however, is usually not as economically impactful as southern rust. Give us a call if you’re unsure when distinguishing between the two.

We’re also keeping an eye out for frogeye leaf spot and gray leaf spot. Frogeye affects soybeans and can be recognized by angular spots with light gray centers and distinct purple to red-brown margins. Gray leaf spot affects corn and has small pinpoint lesions surrounded by yellow rings and is found on leaf sheaths and husks. As the lesions mature, they elongate into narrow, rectangular brown/gray spots. The lesions are parallel with leaf veins and may become up to two inches long.

Insects to scout

In soybeans, keep an eye on stink bugs. It’s a pest we ignore too often. Stink bugs feed on young, tender pods, which cause late-season pod injury. As soybeans in our footprint progress into pod fill, we’ll also start to scout for bean leaf beetles in the days to come.

At this time, we aren’t seeing a lot of insect pressure in corn. It’s a good time to start doing yield estimates to avoid any surprises at harvest.

Weeds in wheat

With wheat harvest behind us, now is a good time to spray for weeds in wheat stubble. Tidying up fields now will help when wheat planting rolls around.

Field days

Save the date for our annual Wabash field day next week, Aug. 21-22. If you’re unable to make it, contact your local Brodbeck Seeds representative, or one of us, for a local field day close to you.

Terry, Dan, Rod and Denny