Finishing Fall Notes

You don’t need us to tell you—if you still have corn in the fields, get it out as soon as you can. The rains have delayed harvest for folks and heavy winds have taken a toll on crops still in the field.

As you wait to get back in the fields, or if you have already finished, we have a few things for you to consider: fall herbicide application and field fertility.

Some hard to control weeks, like marestail, germinate in the spring as well as in the fall, so getting control during both seasons can be crucial for a clean field during planting. Our rule of thumb is to get your fall burndown done soon, by mid-November.

During and after harvest, consider your fertility program. Did your investment pay off? Did a field yield well with your fertility program? This year many corn yields were higher than normal, and you need to make sure to take into account higher than normal crop removal levels as you plan fertilizer application levels.  Give us a call to discuss your fertility plan for 2018.