Making The Call: Replant

We have wide-ranging field conditions across the region in the first few days of June. Here is our advice to help you make the right decision for your fields.

Growers across our footprint are contemplating the hard decision to replant for both corn and soybeans. Replant is a field by field decision, and the call should be made accordingly. Our rule of thumb for the latest date you should consider replanting corn is June 10. If your corn stands are good in 40 percent of the field or more, we advise to spot in the areas with poor stands.

When deciding how to replant soybeans, consider seeding rates, row width and maturity group. After May 25, we recommend increasing the seeding rate by 5 percent each week. Planting narrower rows decreases the days to canopy closure and increases the yield potential. This Purdue University maturity group chart is a great reference when selecting maturity. Stay the course with your current soybean variety until the dates listed in the chart (based on where you’re located) and consider changing your maturity group after that date.

Nitrogen loss
We know the rains in late April and May have caused some nitrogen (N) loss through leaching or denitrification, but it is difficult to quantify the amount. Tissue testing may not give you an accurate read of N content in early growth stages. We are most concerned about fields where N was applied without a nitrogen stabilizer.

While scouting, keep an eye out for seedling blight, slugs, armyworm and black cutworm. Seedling blight has been an issue all spring for heavier soils and wet spots. Conditions have been right for slugs and unfortunately there is no good remediation for them. Decent growing conditions will allow plants to outgrow slug damage. We have seen armyworm and black cutworm feeding in various locations, north to south, with outbreaks heavy enough to merit treatment. Once you see armyworms migrating out of a field, it is too late to treat.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns,

Terry, Dan, Rod and Denny