Spring Tune Up

It’s time to start thinking about planting. Our first recommendation this time of year is to sit down with your seed representative, or one of us, and go through a “spring tune-up.” This is where we go through each field and talk about hybrid selection, variety selection, timing, placement, etc. It gives us all a chance to look back at what worked well last year and what we need to change moving forward.  Here are the “spring tune up” notes for three key hybrids. If your hybrids aren’t listed below and you’d like notes on them, just ask your Brodbeck Seeds representative.  

Key hybrids for 2018:

  • 9605: 105-day Roundup Ready (same base genetics as 1705 and 46RA05)
    • Widely adaptable – all soils
    • Excellent emergence/early vigor – plant early or anytime
    • Root system is not aggressive; best on rotated and tilled soils
    • Push populations on high end soils
    • Taller hybrid, but good late season stalks
    • Very good drydown for maturity, and very good test weight grain
  • 58RA09: 109-day Refuge Advanced – SmartStax (no refuge required)
    • New genetics with high yield potential
    • Strong agronomics – good stalks and roots
    • Use on any soils; best performance will be on better soils but will do well under moderate stress conditions
    • Slower emergence – plant into good conditions or later in season
    • Good plant health; about average leaf disease tolerance
    • Tops will go out, but late season standability is good
  • 54RA14: 112-day Refuge Advanced – SmartStax (no refuge required)
    • Good emergence and early vigor – plant early
    • Will work north to south very well
    • Use on any soils – good drought tolerance and also will do well on tighter clays
    • Semi-flex – use average to slightly above average populations
    • Great leaf health all season long. Fungicide less likely to pay

Beans-after-beans rotation

If you are planting beans back to beans, pay extra attention to your variety selection. We always recommend planting treated beans, but we especially recommend doing so in a beans-after-beans rotation. Rotate your genetics, and select a variety with good disease tolerance. Also, check the field to make sure your potash levels are adequate to handle another soybean crop. 

Soybean weed control

Brodbeck Seeds now offers Liberty Link Soybeans. We’re excited to offer this new product and help you with your weed control system.  Whether you are planting Roundup Ready or Liberty Link or any other system, it is essential to start the year with a clean field, whether with tillage or a burndown herbicide.  ALWAYS put down a residual herbicide at planting. Then use the appropriate herbicide and timing to control weeds postemerge. Don’t rely on the seed technology or postemergence application for all weed control

Give us a call as you start to “tune up” for planting.

Terry, Dan, Rod and Denny