Stay The Course For Now

Rain is on the forecast across our footprint, which means growers will most likely be delayed on planting again. This has folks asking us about switching hybrids and switching from corn to beans. As of now, we recommend staying with your current crop plan.

If you’re unable to get back into the fields until next week (around that June 1 timeframe) that’s when we recommend you consider switching to a shorter-season hybrid. If planting is delayed to the first full week in June, that’s when we start to consider switching from corn to soybeans. Please give us a call as you consider these options and we can work to get the best plan for your fields.

As you scout emerging corn, look out for seedling blights. These are most common in fields that experienced ponding and flooding in low lying areas or in compacted soils that were wet for an extended period.

We’re also continuing to scout for black cutworms. We have seen some early feeding by this pest as we suspected there would be and recommend that you continue to monitor fields for the initial leaf feeding or cut plants.

Let us know how we can help if you’re considering changing your current crop plan.

Terry, Dan, Rod and Denny.