Precision Made Personal ™

Data-driven and grower-focused seed placement technologyaerial-research

At Brodbeck, we bring our personal touch to precision agriculture. We call it Precision Made Personal . It’s an approach to help achieve optimum seed placement by placing the right seed in the right field at the right population.

The Precision Made Personal ™ approach takes into consideration your soil types, production practices and yield productivity rankings, then combines this information with our research.

Precision Made Personal incorporates research from Dow AgroSciences and Brodbeck with years of on-farm observations. The Precision Made Personal ™ tool weighs all of this information to make custom recommendations.

But it’s more than numbers and algorithms. You know your fields better than a computer does. That’s why Precision Made Personal incorporates your knowledge and your seed preferences. You decide what data to share and how to share it. Our agronomists work with you on each field to account for your variables and help you make decisions that are right for your operation.

Precision Made Personal ™ is a true partnership between you and Brodbeck Seeds, and it works by providing seed recommendations with:

  • Convenience: User-friendly tools make it easy to manage, share and unlock the value in your field data.
  • Accuracy: Test plot research reveals how different hybrids respond to different conditions for accurate seed placement.
  • Personal attention: Our expert staff is here to help you interpret and apply the data from your farm—on your terms.