Backed by Dow AgroSciences:
Solutions for the Growing World

At Brodbeck, we believe that great performance only happens at the intersection of great products and a great seed company. That’s why we partnered with Dow AgroSciences. This partnership allows Brodbeck to bring you better genetics and traits while remaining true to our mission to make it personal for our customers.

Global research resources, local product selection

The world-class products brought to market by Dow AgroSciences assure us we’ll have the seed to keep our customers competitive both today and tomorrow.

Dow AgroSciences’ seeds and traits research is committed to increasing yields for farmers across the United States and the world. New investments in research, in combination with strategic acquisitions, are resulting in better genetics, higher yield potential and more resilient crops. Dow AgroSciences’ special focus on breeding efforts in the Corn Belt gives Brodbeck access to a wide range of products that fit our customers’ needs.

Another way Dow AgroSciences helps us deliver—and how they’re different—is in the freedom they give our management team. They understand that we know what works for our customers. This freedom has helped us maintain the same character we’ve been building since we sold our first bag of seed.

Strong genetics and world-class traits

Yield potential is driven by powerful genetics. That’s why the development process at Dow AgroSciences focuses on the effective combination of high-performing germplasm and innovative traits.

With the world’s largest Bt library, Dow AgroSciences has access to vast product development possibilities. The company currently has the best and most robust pipeline in the history of Dow AgroSciences.