Brodbeck Seeds Donation to Benefit Fairview FFA: Farmer Don Fritch directs donation from Fort Wayne Farm Show to support young agriculture leaders

Posted on Friday, March 15th, 2013

Bryan, OH (Feb. 26, 2013) — Bryan resident Don Fritch’s good fortune at the 2013 Fort Wayne Farm Show is benefiting local agricultural education. Fritch entered a Brodbeck Seeds raffle drawing at the Fort Wayne Farm Show and was selected to direct a $250 donation supporting agricultural education and leadership. He selected the Fairview FFA chapter as the donation recipient.

Active in FFA throughout his high school career, Fritch says that much of today’s population doesn’t recognize the size and scope of agriculture within the economy. “We hear that farmers are just 2 percent of the population, but agriculture is a much bigger business than the people who grow our food. When you look at how agriculture impacts the world through distribution, technology, retail and more, it’s a huge industry,” Fritch said.

The Fairview FFA is a robust chapter within the community, participating and organizing events in Ohio and throughout the nation. Since the 2012-13 school year started, chapter members have participated in local and regional events in diverse areas of agriculture ranging from food science and floriculture to state ag issues and agronomy programs. The chapter is active in community tractor pulls and sponsors various fundraisers throughout the year.

According to Joe Lucas, of Innovative Ag/Brodbeck ProSeller in Hicksville, IN, Brodbeck Seeds views agricultural education as an important part of doing business in its communities. “Brodbeck’s commitment to going the distance is about more than business as usual. It’s also a promise to support the educational needs of our farming communities,” Lucas said.

Don Fritch presents a check from Brodbeck Seeds to members of the Fairview FFA Officer Team (L-R: Ethan Rosebrock, Kristin Culler, James Ester, Tyler Johnson, Brittany Conkey, Lindsey Skinner, Haley Rhoads, and Sam Garrigus). Joining Fritch at the presentation were Ron Harter of Brodbeck Seeds (far right) and Joe Lucas of Innovative Ag (second from right).