Donation from Brodbeck Seeds Will Benefit Liberty Center FFA: Leon Panning Selects Recipient

Posted on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Napoleon, Ohio (March 26, 2012) — When Leon Panning attended the 22nd annual Fort Wayne Farm Show, he didn’t expect his attendance to give a boost to agricultural education. That all changed when Panning entered a raffle drawing at the Brodbeck Seeds booth and was selected to direct a $250 donation to support agricultural education and leadership. He promptly selected the Liberty Center FFA chapter as the recipient of the donation. 

Panning was one of six attendees at the Fort Wayne Farm Show to be selected to direct an agricultural education donation from Brodbeck Seeds. Active in FFA as a youth, Panning says the organization helped him develop an appreciation for the science and business of agriculture.  

Panning said that there are fewer opportunities for today’s young people to learn about farming and the role that it plays in the economy than when he was in school. “Agriculture is an important part of our local economy, but it’s also important to the nation’s economy,” he said. 

Brodbeck Seeds District Sales Manager Tom Pendleton added that farmers serve as role models for the next generation of farmers. “Farmers have a level of credibility that’s especially important for young people. They understand the science of farming, but are also living the dream and walking the talk,” Pendleton said. “Brodbeck Seeds is committed to helping our customers and community support FFA,” he added.